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  • Marmara GoTürkiye

    The Marmara Region gets its name from the Sea of Marmara, an inland sea wholly within the borders of Türkiye. Marmara is where Europe meets Asia Minor. To the east is the Aegean Sea and the Çanakkale Strait, to the west is the İstanbul Strait leading to the Black Sea.

    It is best known for -İstanbul, Türkiye’s largest and most famous city.

    To the north, it is defined by the borders of Greece and Bulgaria. The region shares many influences and traditions with these neighbouring countries. To the south is extends into Anatolia (Asia Minor) past the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, the bustling and historical city of Bursa. "Green" Bursa is located at the foot of Mount Uludağ and derives its name from the dense forest cover.

    The region has massive geographical and historical importance. Straddling two continents its famous waterways offer an ice-free route to the Black Sea and Russia. And, of course, İstanbul was the Capital of two great Empires. The city has had many names over its long and illustrious history. It was known as Constantinople when it was the seat of the Byzantine Empire and became known by its current name when it was conquered by Sultan Mehmet (Fatih Sultan -Mehmet) in 1453 to become the greatest and final Capital of the Ottoman Empire.

    The region is still a bustling, vibrant, cosmopolitan hive of energy. It is the most densely populated area of Türkiye. The whole of the Marmara Region is soaked in history and full of monuments from former civilisations.

    Another notable city in the region is Edirne. Edirne is located in the European part of Türkiye, historically the area was part of Thrace. Eastern (Turkish) Thrace (Trakya) boasts lush vineyards and extended sunflower plantations and an extensive European coastline.

    The ancient Ottoman capital of Bursa is known not only for its historical architecture but also for being where Türkiye’s elite spend their winters skiing on Mount Uludağ.

    The National Park of "Kuş Cenneti" (Bird Paradise) - a bird sanctuary, is a safe haven for over two thousand species of birds and is a famous part of the Marmara region.

    The Marmara Region is recognised as being an industrial powerhouse and is also famous for its fruit cultivation.