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    Marmara Türkiye

    Emirgan Park in İstanbul

    Overlooking the Bosphorus, Emirgan Park is renowned for its tulips. Here, you can enjoy a glorious view of the waterway over breakfast or dinner at the cafés and restaurants located in the Yellow Pavilion, Pink Pavilion, and White Pavilion - each named after a tulip color. Before enjoying a walk in the park, which should be at the top of your list of “Places to See in İstanbul,” take an art tour at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum situated right next to the park or walk along the Bosphorus coastline.

    Kaz Mountain National Park in Balikesir

    The mountain's mythological name is Mount Ida, and many legends surround it; it is said that the first ever beauty contest took place here. With an altitude of over 1,700 m, it is home to olive and pine trees, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is also said to be one of three areas in the world with the greatest amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. Visitors can tour the park with a trained guide.

    Uludağ National Park in Bursa

    Bursa is situated two hours drive from İstanbul. The national park can be reached by road, cable car and ski lift. There are also helicopter services to the area. The park includes 67,000 hectares of woodland and is home to the highest point in the Marmara region at an altitude of over 2,500m. The best time to visit the park is in spring or summer, as the area is relatively cool due to its high altitudes.

    Uludağ National Park is also a popular winter tourism destination. There are many activities available such as climbing, hiking and skiing. There are also different types of accommodation on offer.

    Ayazma Spring Nature Park in Çanakkale

    The history of Bayramiç district, which includes the Ayazma Spring Nature Park, dates to the Kingdom of Troy. Although the settlements in and around Bayramiç date back to a very early period, there are very few ruins that have survived and can be seen.

    Kazdağı-Ayazma forest recreation place is very important for recreational tourism with its historical background, unique flora and fauna, having the highest oxygen rate after the Alps in the world and cold waters.

    City Forests in Yalova

    Yalova City Forest is 29 kilometers away from the city center. The forest, which covers an area of ​​95 hectares, hosts a 2-kilometer-long walking track, children's playgrounds, sports areas, sitting and resting areas, toilets, fountains, and picnic areas.

    The forest mostly consists of beech, larch and oak trees. There are small numbers of chestnut, hornbeam, outer knots, maple, sycamore, alder, linden, wild cherry, and wild plum trees.

    Kerpe in Kocaeli

    Kerpe, which is a small holiday town in Kocaeli's Kandıra district, is connected to Kerpe Kıncıllı Village. Kerpe's natural bays, shallow sea, and unique beaches make it an ideal holiday center for the summer months. There are many beaches and bays in the town. Since camping is the common accommodation way here, Kerpe is one of the popular camping areas of Türkiye.

    Acarlar Longozu (Foodplain Forest) in Sakarya

    Acarlar Longozu is the second largest floodplain forest of Türkiye after İğneada Longozu which is in Kırklareli. Covering an area of 1,562 hectares, it is one of the most important natural beauties of Sakarya and is a first-degree natural protected area. Acarlar Longozu is surrounded by ash forests and these trees are inserted into the swampy parts of the lake. Animals such as pheasants, woodcock and wild ducks live here and there are many fish types such as bow, red wing, carp, crane, and arrowhead. Acarlar Longozu is home to around 2300 plant species and 243 bird species. Water violet, water tulip and water lilies of various colors are some of them. Boat and water bike tours are also available in the Longoz.

    Saros Gulf and The National Parks in Edirne

    Saros Gulf and the National Parks in Edirne offer a range of leisure and sports activities for nature lovers. Surfing and sailing are very popular in Saros Bay, and there are also many diving points. Especially due to its proximity to İstanbul, Saros is one of the most preferred regions for divers of all levels, and there are beautiful holiday resorts on the shores of Saros. It is possible to do alternative tourism activities such as mountain hiking, underwater photography, bird watching and diving on the coastline.

    İğneada Longozu (Floodplain Forest) in Kirklareli

    The İğneada region has a rich biological diversity as its natural balance is preserved. Approximately 670 types of plants have been found in this region. A total of 194 birds such as dwarf cormorant, white-tailed eagle, small kestrel, small green woodpecker in addition to mammals such as deer, roe deer, wild boar, wolf, fox, jackal, wild cat, marten, badger, bats and otter species are seen. The region is home to many reptile and fish species too.

    The İğneada Floodplain Forest is one of the rare ecosystems that contain seasonal floodplain forests, marshes, freshwater lakes, and coastal dunes. The Istranca Mountains are located in the south and west. Offering different beauties throughout all seasons, the Floodplain Forests invite photographers to a visual feast with the variety of colours it offers, especially in autumn.

    Sunflower Fields in Tekirdağ

    Enchanting its visitors with its natural beauty in all seasons, Tekirdağ welcomes its visitors with a completely different surprise in July. While the sunflower fields that stretch as far as the eye can see colour the city yellow, the fragrance coming from the sunflowers hits your face with the wind. Every year, photographers and nature enthusiasts from all around come to Tekirdağ to take photos among sunflowers and immortalize their unique beauty.

    Çiçekli Plateau in Bilecik

    Çiçekli Plateau in Bozüyük district has pure air, clear water, lush greenery, colourful flowers, endemic flora, and an incredible multi-layered forest texture. You will need some time to discover the plateau that is abundantly thyme-scented per se.