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  • Marmara GoTürkiye

    The Marmara Region gets its name from the Sea of Marmara, an inland sea wholly within the borders of Türkiye. Marmara is where Europe meets Asia Minor.


    Marmara Türkiye

    You’re in the heart of the civilizations! It will not be possible to discover all the historical and natural places of Marmara Türkiye in some days, but you can try!


    Marmara Türkiye

    The Marmara region of Türkiye will charm you and offers plenty in terms of interesting and varied cuisine.


    Marmara Türkiye

    The Marmara Region has a varied topography, with a wide variety of landscapes, enabling visitors to find something to suit all tastes.


    Marmara Türkiye

    Being the junction between Europe and Asia, this area has seen thousands of tribes and their civilizations passing through, from one continent to the other. Let’s explore the unique historical buildings and structures that you can touch the history!


    Marmara Türkiye

    Like in the other regions of Türkiye, there are plenty of stories, legends, and local instruments to listen in Marmara Region.


    Marmara Türkiye

    10 vibes for Marmara Türkiye

    like locals

    Here are the 10 things that you have to experience in Marmara Türkiye. Don’t leave there before completing the list!