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    Marmara Türkiye


    • Imperial Ottoman Mosques Routes

     Selâtin mosques are the names given to the mosques built by the sultans during the Ottoman Empire. They were large mosques with several minarets. The first Selâtin Mosques in the Ottoman period are the Grand Mosque (Ulu Cami) and Green Mosque (Yeşil Cami) in Bursa, the Ottoman Empire’s first capital city. The oldest Selâtin mosque that preserves its original form in İstanbul is considered as the Bayezid Mosque built by II. Bayezid.

    • The Divine Masterpieces Of İstanbul

     The two masterpieces of religion and architecture that Byzantine emperors devoted to the attributes of God, peace, and wisdom, are found in İstanbul. Aya Irini (Hagia Eirene) was devoted to Divine Peace and was built before Hagia Sophia which was devoted to Divine Wisdom. Both were built by Byzantine Emperor Constantine the Great when the city was founded and were rebuilt several times until the reign of Justinian in the 6th century.

    • Cosmopolitan İstanbul

     From Karaköy & Galata to Taksim along the “Grand Rue de Péra”.

    On the banks of the Bosphorus and just across from the Historical Peninsula, Karaköy functions as the passage between old and contemporary. As the main port area and the center of trade and sea transportation, Karaköy became the melting pot of many cultures and faiths.


    It is a cultural and tourism project aiming to make the region's rich archaeological, historical and natural heritage visible by creating a hiking and cycling route starting from Troy and reaching Assos.

    The Troy Culture Route Project is carried out by the Çanakkale History and Culture Foundation (ÇATKAV) and the Governorship of Çanakkale. It aims to preserve the cultural identity and heritage of the villages from Çanakkale to Assos, while strenghtening the bonds within the communities in the region.

    The project's goal is to implement the 120 km route that contains ancient trails between Çanakkale and Assos within a sustainable tourism framework, make the trail available to hikers and cyclists.


    • The European Bosphorus Shore

    From İstanbul’s Historical Peninsula to the northern coast of its European side through to the Bosphorus…

    This is a flat route that departs from Galata Bridge, passes Karaköy, Dolmabahçe Palace, Beşiktaş, Ortaköy, Kuruçeşme, Bebek, Emirgan, and ends in Sarıyer. In the process, you’ll discover the glory of one of the biggest metropoles of the world!


    • The Asian Bosphorus Shore

    We’re starting by the Maiden’s Tower and heading north along İstanbul’s Asian coast!

    At the start of the route, the Bosphorus will be on our left and on our right, we’ll have the centuries-old historical mosques and palaces. Then, we’ll continue with the Bosphorus on our right and explore the small forests of İstanbul…


    • İstanbul’s European Forests

     A hilly but not challenging route to relax under the old trees of İstanbul!

    We’ll start on the Bosporus’s European coast and head to Belgrad Forest. We’ll continue to ride under the trees until the northern part of the Bosphorus where it meets the Black Sea.



    • Belgrad Forest, İstanbul

    İstanbul is one of the world’s largest cities whose cultural heritage is unmatched. Its natural beauty offers the opportunity to trek and hike, and to get to know this immense, fascinating city better!

    One of the best places to trek in İstanbul is Belgrad Forest. Spanning 5,300 hectares, Belgrad Forest offers a variety of short and long trails.

    North of the city, in the districts of Şile, Sarıyer, and Arnavutköy, you’ll find a lot of small forests for walking in nature.

    • Uçmakdere, Tekirdağ

    Ganos Mountains in Uçmakdere is a frequent destination for trekking lovers. Uçmakdere’s enjoyable earth roads and hillsides have fantastic views and plenty of oxygen to fill your lungs.

    Uçmakdere is situated in the Sarköy district of Tekirdağ Province. Due to the trail’s slopes, it can be a bit strenuous, but the incredible views make it worthwhile.

    On the way to Uçmakdere, make sure to pay notice to the wooden fishing shelters and fishing piers.

    • Erikli Plateau, Yalova

    Erikli Plateau, approximately 1.5 hours by car from İstanbul, is located in the district of Çınarcık, Yalova.

    Due to the slopes on the footpaths, they require a moderate trekking experience. You will come across the natural wonders of Çifte Şelale (Çifte Waterfall), Dipsiz Göl (Dipsiz Lake), Delmece Yaylası (Delmece Plateau), and Erikli Şelalesi (Erikli Waterfall) on your trekking adventure.

    • Ballikayalar Nature Park, Kocaeli

    A mere 1.5-hour drive from İstanbul, Ballıkayalar is a center for activities in nature!

    There are many tracks of varying length in this area. It is an ideal destination for those looking for an easy to moderate trekking experience.

    On a day trip to Ballıkayalar, you can pitch a tent, and enjoy a hot cup of tea after trekking. If you enjoy climbing, there are also some rock-climbing paths.