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  • Splendour Of Nature


    Get ready to be part of a unique city! Just sit for a moment and think about all the beautiful things once you’ve seen and adored. Nature, history, fun, art… It is possible to experience all this in one place; Bursa.

    With an 8500-year history, Bursa has a thriving culture that leaves visitors in awe. It has grown to be one of Türkiye's most prominent cities, thanks to its natural beauties, distinct culture, and architectural texture shaped by centuries of history.  

    As they say “Beauty is in the details” … Bursa is one of the most beautiful details of Türkiye. Bursa, the heart of winter sports, also appeals to everyone's tastes with its historical baths, excellent views and cultural delicacies.

    Bursa is known as "Green Bursa" because of its beautiful gardens and parks and its location in the heart of Türkiye’s important fruit-growing region.

    Bursa was the first Ottoman capital. It is rich in religious monuments, mosques, and tombs as well as being well-known for its Turkish baths. The city is bursting with historic sites and culture, and has an impressive array of things to do and see.

    Among the sites where you may view colourful local items are Bursa hans. One of the most popular hans in Bursa is Koza Han, where silk is gathered and transformed into wonderful accessories. Koza Han is surrounded by several hans, including the Grand Bazaar and the Jewelers' Bazaar, and is located in the heart of Bursa. Add this destination to your itinerary for a memorable shopping experience in Bursa!

    Bursa is known for its mineral-rich subterranean spring waters. That means a visit to a Turkish bath is inevitable. There are countless traditional hamams that have been functioning since a few hundred years. The Çekirge Bath, the Historical Keçeli Kadın Hammam, and the Mahkeme Hammam in Bursa all have remnants of the past on their walls. In these baths, let the hot water relax your body and feel the warmth in your veins! If you want to go the extra mile, get a bubbly massage from the bath attendant to make this experience absolutely unforgettable.

    Bursa is very famous for its special kebab called İskender Kebab. The meat is cut thin and thin, the pide called İskender Kebab pide are cut into small pieces and fried on the stove, the cut meat is placed between the pide. Candied Chestnut made from chestnuts harvested from Uludağ, is one of Bursa's trademark products. Shelled chestnuts are wrapped in thin cheesecloths and placed in the pot to boil, then sweet syrup is added. Another local delicacy is Pideli Köfte (The meatballs with pide), which emerged as an alternative to döner in the historical Kayhan Bazaar, and made only in Bursa with a history of hundreds of years.

    Let loose yourself in the details of historical events and experience, taste the unique dishes and have yourself a feast, rediscover the joy of winter sports with friends and family and the most important of it all, meet the sincere people of Bursa and become a part of it.

    And if you ever wonder “Is there a heaven in earth where I can find peace?” Our answer is yes! Don’t forget to pay a visit to İznik, the cosy town included in the Cittaslow network in 2021. Yes, Bursa is waiting for you and all your expectations from a trip.

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    With its historical role, natural beauty, beaches and thermal springs, Yalova stands out as the relaxation and holiday destination of the Marmara Region.

    Apart from the forests, Karaca Arboretum, waterfalls, recreation areas, beaches and thermal springs, Yalova is also worth seeing with its historical past.

    The Walking Mansion, Hersekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque, Black Church (which dates back to the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire), Kurşunlu Bath, Atatürk Mansion, Rüstempaşa Mosque are some of the important cultural and historical sites of the city.

    Furthermore, Karaca Arboretum and the Tree Museum created by Hayrettin Karaca, the founder of the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion (TEMA), for reforestation and the protection of natural habitats, are also among the places that must be seen. Here, you can see plants brought from all over the world.

    Visitors to the city of Yalova can have a rest in the facilities with thermal springs. Termal and Armutlu Hot Springs are among some of the places worth seeing. Armutlu Thermal Springs, one of Türkiye's most important thermal springs, is composed of different resources lined up over a river bed in a valley.

    Although the existence of the springs has been known and its waters have been used since the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) period, they were discovered after the Thermal Springs. It is closer to the sea when compared with Thermal Springs, giving visitors the pleasure of sea and thermal springs together. The beauty of the dense forest it is located in and its scenery increases its relaxing effect.

    Sudüşen Waterfalls are yet another must see natural treasure of Yalova. It is also possible to see the panoramic view of the Marmara Sea enroute the waterfalls. You can see various kinds of plants, take photos or have a picnic in this area.

    Yalova cuisine is famous for its dishes and desserts that use dough and meat together. For those craving a delightful and light treat, Yalova Sütlüsü is the perfect choice! Dough prepared with coconut water, milk, and vanilla. The dessert includes coconut and nuts. It is prepared by soaking dough in milk, sugar, and vanilla. It is served with fruits after cooling. Yalova's well-known Kaçamak (Corn Porridge) dish allures all appetites with its delightful flavor and smooth texture.

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    Kocaeli is known for its coast to the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara and its proximity to İstanbul. It has become a center of attraction with its historical monuments, museums, mosques, natural beauties, beaches, plateaus and hiking trails. Kocaeli is a city of special importance in terms of trade, industry and tourism as well as many cultural values ​​such as the world-famous Hereke Carpets, Karamürsel Baskets, Kandıra Cloth. Districts of Kocaeli are Gebze, İzmit, Darıca, Körfez, Gölcük, Derince, Çayırova, Kartepe, Başiskele, Karamürsel, Kandıra, and Dilovası.

    Kartepe, the peak of the Samanlı Mountains with spectacular views of İzmit Bay and Sapanca Lake, is an excellent place for skiers. Kartepe, which is a habitat for nearly 3,000 plants, deers, bears, jackals and rabbits is a location suitable for hiking and trekking all year around.

    Kocaeli has access to the Black Sea coast via Kandıra and Kerpe districts; Kerpe's natural coves, shallow sea, and unique beaches are worth seeing. When you come to Kocaeli, do not complete your trip without stopping by Kandıra, which will impress you with its natural, historical and touristic places as well as its beaches and beaches. Kefken, which is only 20 kilometers from Kandıra, is also a remarkable place with its sea, beaches and pine forests.

    If you want to take a nature walk with lots of green and paths for the forest, which will activate your adventurous spirit, Nüzhetiye Waterfall in Kocaeli Gölcük is just for you! Located between the Samanlı Mountains, Nüzhetiye Waterfall offers an unforgettable adventure to nature lovers with its 5-kilometer hiking trail, and offers photography enthusiasts the opportunity to present the shots that they cannot always capture.

    Ballıkayalar Nature Park is a hidden paradise where you can trek for a long time in the visual feast of ponds and waterfalls. When you come to Kocaeli, you should visit Ballıkayalar Nature Park and experience this exciting experience!

    Kocaeli is a city where the traditions and customs of each region's culture are kept alive, as it has hosted different cultures throughout the ages. It is possible to find the flavors of every region in this rich Kocaeli cuisine. Special days and traditions have an important place in Kocaeli cuisine. While dishes such as “Umaç soup”, “Dartılı Keskek”, “Simit Dolma” are served at weddings and parties; “Pide with Mancar” is served on Kandil nights. These traditional dishes attract attention not only with their taste but also with the way they are prepared. İzmit Simidi, indispensable for morning breakfasts. İzmit Simidi was registered in 2019 and received a Geographical indication certificate. You should definitely taste the Izmit bagel made by adding sesame seeds after blending the dough with molasses when you come to Kocaeli.

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    The city of Sakarya is located on the coast of the Black Sea and takes its name from the Sakarya River flowing through this beautiful country. The river creates a web of estuaries in the province and the natural beauty is breath-taking. If you want to be in nature, history, serenity and comfort, Sakarya is the place to be.

    The city is full of natural treasures such as the Sapanca Lake, Acarlar Longozu (Floodplain Forest) and Karasu Beach, and it has a rich cultural heritage and cuisine. This beautiful city captivates nature lovers with its ponds, lakes, and natural water sources. It's time to refresh your soul in Sakarya's serene waters!

    Sapanca Lake is one the places you can visit on a daily excursion. Taking a nature hike at Sapanca Lake in Sakarya is a truly otherworldly experience. You can also enjoy the restaurants and cafes on the lakeside.

    55-minutes away from downtown Sakarya, Acarlar Longozu is a good alternative for people who want to spend time outdoors. Poyrazlar Lake is also the best place for a picnic, surrounded by pristine nature.

    Experience the enchantment of diverse plants and tree species in the Keremali Plateau. This magnificent plateau is at the summit of Keremali Mountain and stands as one of the region's most cherished four plateaus. During spring and summer, you can enjoy the fresh air and try hiking, cycling, climbing, and running. You can also have a picnic and sip your Turkish tea by the mesmerizing view.

    Taraklı Town, 70 km away from downtown Sakarya, is situated on the historical Silk Road. It is one of the towns included in the Cittaslow (Slow City) network. The remains of Ottoman architecture in Taraklı are worth seeing.

    Sakarya cuisine and food culture are like a reflection of the region's cultural values, unspoiled nature and rich historical heritage. Sakarya cuisine consists of dishes prepared with grains, various vegetables and the meat from region, as well as herbs, olive oil and the essentials of traditional Turkish cuisine like Turkish yoghurt and bulgur. Another important product of Sakarya cuisine is the “pumpkin” (balkabağı) and the various desserts and dishes made from the region's famous pumpkins. Some of tastes of Sakarya that should be tried are: Islama Köfte (Islama Meatball), Geyve Ayvası (Geyve Quince), Köpük Helva, İsli Çerkes Peyniri (İsli Çerkes Cheese), Müşküle Üzümleri (Müşküle Grapes), Kabak Lokumu, Kabak Tatlısı (Pumpkin Dessert), Kaçamak, Dartılı Keşkek, İncir Uyuşturması, Pekmezli Asude, Boza and Kabak Kıvırması.

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    Düzce attracts nature lovers due to its geographical position and natural features. Its forestlands, plateaus, waterfalls, long coasts, natural caves and rafting facilities make Düzce a heaven on earth. Rich cultural diversity shows itself in cuisine culture as well.

    Düzce’s diverse scenery and soul-stirring rugged beauty are among the best places to see autumn colours. The city is often preferred by nature lovers each year. It is one of the cities which ensures a peaceful time away from noise of big cities. Akçakoca district is attractive for sea tourism, while Yığılca, Cumayeri and Gölkaya districts for trekking routes, and Cumayeri district provides rafting opportunities.

    When it comes to the Black Sea, hazelnut and tea come to the mind. As well is this couple, Düzce cuisine has many different tastes due to its culinary diversity. İsli Circassian cheese is one of the best examples of this cultural diversity. The cheese, which is smoked with dried mulberry or acacia trees, is still produced by the Circassians with traditional methods. You should definitely experience the geographically marked Düzce meatballs. This unique flavor is made by adding locally produced cornmeal and various spices to ground beef or lamb. The side dishes of Düzce meatballs, which are cooked in the delicious smell of roasted oak wood, are pepper and tomato.

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    Nestled amid the lush, rolling hills of Türkiye’s northwest, Bolu is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Its picturesque landscapes, adorned with dense forests and tranquil lakes, create a haven for nature enthusiasts.

    Bolu, in the Black Sea Region, has acquired a unique identity over the years, with its authentic traditions and customs.

    Furhermore, Bolu's nature captivates with lush forests, serene lakes, and rolling hills, offering hikers and nature lovers a tranquil retreat amidst Türkiye's beauty. About 65 percent of its land is covered with forest, bestowing Bolu with a variety of trees, oxygen-rich air, and magnificent natural landscapes. Bolu, offering natural beauties such as Abant, Gölcük, Göynük Sünnet Lake, Mudurnu Sülüklü Lake, Kıbrıscık Karagöl, Aladağ Beşpınarlar, Bolu Plateaus, Seben Taşlıyayla Lake, Seven Lakes and Göksu, is a true paradise on earth.

    World-renowned chefs from Bolu and Mengen have put great emphasis on keeping the traditional flavours alive, thus bringing the special cuisine of Bolu onto a wider stage.

    How about taking a break to relish the incredible tastes during your Bolu trip? Ovmaç soup, an indispensable dish in the winter, owes its satisfying taste to its ingredients. Also known as oğmaç soup, it is prepared by with chickpeas, dough pieces or pasta, tomato paste and onion, and sometimes an egg. İmaret soup, a recipe from the Ottoman cuisine, is a distinctive and nutritious dish made by cooking rice in milk and then seasoning with onions. Abant, which impresses with its nature, also impresses with its kebab. Abant kebabı is considered one of Bolu’s tastiest meat dishes; it is a dish that visitors are strongly encouraged to try! Eggplant is grilled, then filled with mixture of lamb, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and peppers, and roasted. The dish is topped with grated cheese. Kartalkaya kebabı, another Bolu dish, is made by combining sautéed lamb meat with shallots, carrots, zucchini, and various seasonings. This delicious mixture is served in a dough, appealing to the eye as much as the palate.

    Wonderful Mengen Pilavı, the land of famous cooks – has its own flavour, emerging from the sweet harmony of lamb, mushrooms, walnuts, tomatoes, and dill. Visitors to Bolu are advised to sample this delicious dish!  Another specialty from the Mengen region, this dolma is made by boiling kaldırıks, also known as hodan leaves, and wrapping them around onions, garlic, and corn flour. Last but not least, Chocolate of Bolu is an incredible taste. The secret of Bolu chocolate lies in the serendipitous combination of wild hazelnuts and cocoa. The hazelnuts grown in the Bolu mountains have an unusually high oil content, giving them a distinctive flavor.

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